Q: Where are you located?

A: We are located inside of the Bridge Church at Bear Creek. Parking is on the East side of the church and you can enter through the new front porch. Signs and the smell of coffee will point you in the direction of the action. We have games, couches and quieter seating available in various areas that you are welcome to use.

Q: Is everyone welcome?

A: Yes! We are located inside of a church but we hope that will not stop you from coming over and having a cup of coffee with us. We are open to the public throughout the week and function as any other coffee shop in the area. If you like coffee, tea or pastries, we have something for you. If you need a place to study, have a coffee date or just like the coffee shop environment to people watch, we welcome you!

Q: Do you have food?

A: We have a variety of food options including pastries, packaged sandwiches and salads. Gluten free options are available.

Q: What about the church?

A: If you are interested in knowing more about that church, visit our website at www.bridgebc.org or ask someone behind the counter when you come get your next cup of coffee.